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Credit Control Training Courses




This one day course is designed for individuals who wish to increase their Credit Control Techniques and Skills, in order to avoid or reduce the risk of bad debts or late payers

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Courses are are available most weeks as well as the following dates: 7 January, 15 February, 15 March, 14 April, 13 May, 14 June, 12 July, 22 August, 15 September, 14 October, 9 November, 2 December

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Your course will be tailored to suit both company and individual requirements and will cover all the basic skills, including: 

  • Ways of identifying, determining and recording your targets
  •  knowing exactly what you want to achieve
  • Establishing different methods of achieving your targets and deciding upon the right “mix” for your Company
  • Drawing up action plans 
  • Ways of reducing risk and credit
  • How to avoid taking legal action
  • The legal process – if all else fails!!


What is credit control
· What will be done – defining parameters
· Ensuring your customers understand your Credit Terms
· Close Liaison with your Sales Team
· How will your credit control be undertaken and managed
· When will your credit control be undertaken - how frequently - deciding upon the time-scale
· Determining the “who, what, where, when”
· Establishing controls
· Putting your plans into operation
· Measuring results against targets
· Debt collection
· Small Claims Court and Legal Action
· Ensuring Judgement is enforced
· Planning for successful credit control
· Your personal action plan

Benefits: Essential skills for dealing with credit control &
increased work effectiveness
A wide choice of training times
Diploma upon completion of the course

Call Jennifer or Mary now on 01384 441144 to see how you can gain these new skills right now!

Credit Control Training Courses